Name: Abraxim-Wali
Earth Name: Adam
Alias: Guardian
Race: Unknown
Sex: Male
Age: Approximately 3000 yrs old
Height: 6’ 2
Weight: 230lbs
Hair Color: None (White facial hair)
Eye Color: White
Strengths: Control over surrounding sources of energy, temporary flight, unmatched hunting skills
Weakness: vulnerable as the average man
Personality: Abraxim typically has a very serious demeanor. He is a man of very few words who seems to be observing the world around him very closely. Being around humans for a majority of their existence and development, he has little compassion for them because of their lack of appreciation for their planet and their love for war and personal gains. However he sees no reason to harm them regardless.

    He has a high sense of hand eye coordination and combat skills. Abraxim’s primary life goals including, mastering this new found power, figuring out his origin, and finding the mysterious girl that he has been ordered to protect.  
    Abraxim has two inhibitor bracelets after he saves the scientist’s life. The inhibitors allow Abraxim to only absorb energy around him at his own will opposed to on a regular basis.