Tournament Guidelines:

The Iron Pen Showdown Tournament is a comics battle. Players create their own single character with a short bio and description, as well as a full body drawing of them. This character will be used as your avatar throughout the games. You must send in a full body character sketch (coloring preferred but not required), with any pets (if applicable), and a short paragraph; describing your character, their personality, powers/abilities, and any other information you think needs explaining. When all submissions are in and the roster is complete the match-ups are posted on the site.

A Tier consists of 2 parts called “Rounds” stretched over the course of three weeks.


The Contestants have two weeks to create a short comic of a confrontation between their own original character versus that of their opponent. A confrontation can be anything from a fist fight, to a race, to an arguement.

When they are finished, the pages should be sent to The sooner, the better. If your comic is not in by 11:59pm on the 14th day, you, and your character are considered to have forfeited. 


Once all of the comics are posted, The second round begins. Round 2 consists of one week of voting on the comics. Voting will be conducted on the forums, so sign up! The voting will be comprised of Poll votes and VIP votes. Each story should be graded on more than just art skill, but also storytelling, and concept.

After all of the results have been tallied up, the winners of that round continue on to the next tier.



1. You may not kill any of your opponents characters. You can hurt them but death is not an option. Keep all battles honorable.

2. Keep all battles tasteful. This is a group run by adults, but keep things strictly PG-13. Light on the language, blood and violence is okay, but overt gore is kind of uncalled for. No overt sexual themes.

3. One character, per person, per tournament. No exceptions. Your character is allowed a pet however ; whether that be a bird, cat, dragon, or robot doesn’t matter.

4. No god characters. Sorry, your character being an omnipotent being is unfair to everyone else.


How do I create a character?
After you submit your name to play in the tournament, you have one week to create a character, draw a picture or two to show how they look, then submit those pictures with a short bio. You can make a short, character introduction comic to give us an idea of who they are, but that is not mandatory.

How Many Characters can I create?
At the moment, we only allow one character per person. You can create a second character for a different tournament, but no more than one per competition.

How many pages does the comic have to be?
Comics can be as many pages or as few as you want. A good amount of pages is between 2-8. No more than 10 though.

What is the prize for winning?
A Trophy and prize truly fitting will be announced at a later date. But it will be worth it!

What is VIP status?
VIP status is reserved for Scad: Atlanta Sequential art Professors, Seqa Alumni, Temple and Showdown staff.