NAME: Ali-Kazam
RACE: Human
AGE: unknown
GENDER: Female
ORIGIN: unknown
POWERS/ABILITIES: Summons adorable and deadly monsters.

Prepared to be thrown into a world of sugar, spice and everything MONSTROUS as I present to you the amazing ALI-KAZAM, the sugar summoning little bad ass from down the street! Don't be fooled by the petite facade, or else you'll find yourself being devoured, trampled, or torn to pieces by ADORABLE. That's right, ADORABLE! Ali-Kazam was introduced to some special friends by a gypsy after doing the old woman a favor. A favor that formed a pact and turned our simple little Ali into ALI-KAZAM! Now that she has the connection in place, she can summon to her choosing any adorable monstrosity from the strange fluff realm that took a bad turn and never went back. Her favorite of the bunch, though she makes sure to give equal attention to all her new friends, is a massive bunny abomination named BUNNANZA who has a short temper and a deep attachment to our mini summoner. Make sure to take notice of her shirt ladies and gentlemen because not only do the words 'come at me bro' represent her understandable confidence, but those words equal the key phrase that will inevitably result in your end as her summoning powers activate! Tread carefully my friends and watch your mouth, this one doesn't take lightly to disrespect!

So in the words of Ali-Kazam....COME AT ME BRO!