NAME: Rabbitastrophy
RACE: Machine
AGE: Unknown
GENDER: Unknown
ORIGIN: Unknown
POWERS/ABILITIES: high powered lasers,
electrical field that disables electronics,
metal piercing limbs, waterproof


Prof Furnessi went underground after his career-ruining experiment, the carrot enlarger, after it shrank the entire state of Texas; now nothing is bigger there. The world called out for the earth’s most intelligent scientists to deal with the recent threat dubbed “DEADSTAR” and Prof Furnessi came out from hiding to redeem his name with his most recent invention “Rabbitastrophy.” This mechanical beast is ten stories tall and is equipped with high-powered laser beams strong enough to melt an oil tanker, and precise enough to split a mouse hair from 2000 kilometers. This weapon is shot from the center point between its large, menacing ears. It emits an electrical field that disables all electronics within 100 miles. Its detachable limbs can project and pierce through 100 feet of metal, and it is completely waterproof. Prof Furnessi was quoted to have said “I was originally making it to conquer the world, but I’ll have to save it if that’s ever going to happen.”