Ebo Thankful

Name: Ebo Thankful
Age: 21
Race: Hybrid beastman demon
Holy abilities - Light and healing based powers that cause her to glow and sporadically heal things at random times.
Skills: Thievery and ninjitsu and if that doesn't work stealth and dagger throwing
Weakness: No control over holy abilities
Strengths: Super strength that is limited to her giant arm as well as flexibility.

Personalty: While normally very nice to most, Ebo has many trust issues and  does not particularly like telling people much about her (she will tell you she is a beast man never a demon). She is relatively self conscious about her arm and her uncontrolled powers which often make her feel abnormal. Ebo is very street smart and prefers to learn as much of the new city as she can. This way she can never be caught off guard in the face of threats. If she is forced to fight she will at a distance, for despite her arms strength she is not a strong opponent in the least. Thus she will try to avoid contact as much as possible. 
She has the ability to fight close up but she generally prefers really close fighting because of her daggers.Her skills include agility, though her arm halters her movement seeing as she is constantly forced to re-balance herself because of it, and a vast knowledge when it comes to the use of her daggers. If you wish to get on her good side, keep in mind that she is a great admirer of food and has feline tendencies. She can be bribed with items that meet her fancy. Her soft spot is reserved for children however, so they may not have to work as hard for her ((trust)) \((attention)). But be warned she really wont take well to too many cat jokes seeing as she is humanoid sentient and a rather descent fighter. And do not be so foolish to expect her to fight fair. Although she maybe a hero she follows no stereotype.

Short history: Ebo spent most of her life on the streets of Kalun. The city was rich with a majority of humans who became greatly affected by a Beastman rebellion that took place against the upper class eleven years previously. the subsequent quailing  of the rebellion, caused there to be a large number of orphaned Beastman children wandering Kalun's streets. The effects of the rebellion caused a mass number of orphaned Beastmen children who took to wandering the street and stealing to survive. Ebo was one of them. For most of her life, it was all she knew till the humans decided to evacuate the Beastman population to a newly formed "town" made just for them. It was there Ebo was forced, along with her friends and "family", to reside in a orphanage to live and learn. Not too long after as an act of charity some humans scent a scholar ship out for any Beastman child born with unusual powers. Ebo placed among the top of these children and thus she was sent off to learn at a school renowned for its heroes.