Jamie Morangias & Brain Brian

NAME: Jamie Morangias & Brain Brian
RACE: Human/ Brain Bot
AGE: 23/ unknown
GENDER: Female/ Machine
ORIGIN: Dijon, France/ America
POWERS/ABILITIES: Jamie has a variety of guns,
can shoot any projectile with perfect precision only
when intoxicated. Brain Brian can provide information
and download consciousness to any electronic device.


Jamie Morangias and Brian Knobles where a somewhat disfunctional couple until Brian’s brain was stolen by a mad doctor who tried to splice him with a zebra. This did not work, so the brain was kept in a manowar recon drone.
Jamie has since been a gun for hire, but is having trouble catching a decent job, because of her obvious habits. She needs to keep her blood alcohol between .06-.25 to be good at her job, which conflicts with her clients discretionary needs. She is a smartass, loose cannon, loud, violent, drunk. She’s pretty mellow when sober.

She is known for having a “gun for every situation”. She keeps them in the trunk of her 1976 Cadillac Deville with modified GDX Motorsports Gyro-Spheres instead of wheels. Brain Brian provides a bit of help, a bit of knowledge, but mostly a pain in the butt.