Jason McGregior

NAME: Jason McGregior
SPECIES: Cat Man (Cursed Human)

+ Resourceful
+ Fun
-Sleepy constantly (ALWAYS NAP TIME FOR A CAT)
-Lazy as fuck

Jason is Metal as hell. Okay not really. But don't tell him that. Anyway, Jason was a general Scottish Drunk with big dreams and small income. He worked as a Small time busboy at his favorite bar. Aside from his frequent participation in Highland games, mostly the caber toss though he's not picky, he likes lifting heavy objects and dropping them, He lives a mostly uneventful life. Staying late to drink up inventory, the man would stumble in his apartment early in the morning, and "practice" his electric Bagpipes (cause He likes the amp, though he can play acoustic too) which would piss off the neighborhood cats. They would cry and whine and he would stop in a grumbling drunken rage, only to collapse on his couch.

One night, however, he got really irritated with the whine so, throwing the remains of his blessed booze, he hit a cat and killed the poor thing. He thought nothing of it, but the the Cat hag, who was a practiced witch, was not so pleased on her dead pet. So she cursed him to the animal of objection forever. He roamed the streets being the WORST cat the neighborhood has ever heard. He's a very bad cat. In time, he learn of how he can change himself back to a human, cause picking scraps and starving wasn't working out for him. But It backfire, the spell wasn't the best and was prepared by A CAT, so he only turn half way back into his original form, with so unsightly additions.

POWERS/FIGHTING STYLE: Jason will not take crap, he's a generally awful person and he fights like it. He'll go for the weak spot and will not surrender. He will throw fuckin' RAWKS at you. Or LAWGS. Or just, something heavy and blunt, or he'll cut you. Alot. Until you give up, or dead. Being half cat comes with high predatory instinct, fast reflexes and flexibility, and Claws, and teeth. Let's not forget those. In edition to the "will use any means necessary" part. Fucker's crazy and he's got claws.

Also, night time is when this is double. So yeah. :V

He's still a cat. A house cat.
So Petting
all of this will make his Very dumb very fast. and the Sun, god he loves the sun, it's so warm he could just nap. Alllll day. Errday.