Kevin K. & Boombox Jones

NAME: Kevin K. and Boombox Jones
RACE: Human and
Manifest, respectively.
AGE: Unknown
GENDER: Male/Male
ORIGIN: Unknown
Kevin and Boombox Jones have a pokemon-esque deal going on, where Jones does all the heavy lifting, while Kevin provides the soundtrack, quite literally
Jones can convert sound energy from the boombox he inhabits into spiritual energy that allows him to be able to affect the things around him. 


Kevin is a sensitive artist, or so he claims. Though he had aspirations to be famous, he's simply opted to put together club fliers and logos for startup business owners who have no idea what they want. But that changed when he came into possession of a haunted boombox from the local pawn shop.

Enter Boombox Jones. Though he resents being called a “pet” for the purposes of this competition, he really does rely on Kevin in order to exist in the tangible world. He still likes to pick on Kevin from time to time, because Kevin is pretty much a stereotypical hipster weenie.
There are two catches:

Jones has no control over what sort of form the converted spiritual energy takes, he could change appearance, gain a new power, grow, shrink, ETC. Though one can usually determine what sort of direction the energy will take given what sort of song is playing.  
Example:  Flame related song is playing, Jones will display pyrokinesis. Depressing song will give Jones the ability to make the opponent sad and apathetic.

The second catch is that whatever tape is in the player at the time of energy expenditure is destroyed, so it can never be used again. This means that there are a bunch of tapes with a single song on it because Kevin learned pretty quickly not to waste his time. While the volume determines how powerful an attack is, it'll also wreck a tape faster, so cranking the knob to 11 is rare.

(There might be a third catch to this, which is Kevin's horrible taste in music.)

Kevin himself is pretty quick on the draw when it comes to switching tapes, because the time in between leaves the two of them the most vulnerable. His record time is about .7 seconds. Kevin comes into this competition equipped with extra batteries, a whole mess of blank and recorded tapes, and an extension cord. No mechanical failures here! (Or so they hope)

The boombox itself is indestructible, no matter how many times you try to stomp it.
Kevin, however, IS destructible, but Jonesy keeps top guard on the precious human.