Name: Sunkist
Occupation: Champion surfer. Now tutors.
Age: Mid-30's.
Pet: Ripcurl, a surfing guinea pig.

-One of the best surfers on the planet.
-Speaks guinea pig and can communicate with Ripcurl.
-Understands water and its currents masterfully. At one with the ocean.
-Speed, power, and agility as a surfer are rather balanced yet high.
-Plays a mean ukulele.

Fighting skills:
-Uses surfboard as shield and fins as throwing stars. The board may contain more weapons inside...
-Really fast in water, swimming or surfing.
-Some say the power he puts into his carving while surfing could control the waves themselves.

-Being land-locked
-His ex

A veteran champion surfer, Sunkist now spends his time mentoring promising, young surfers. Was once very radical, rebellious, and dangerous. Now he's a really laid-back dude with a relaxed view on life. Prefers living a peaceful life on the beach, drinking rum and playing on his ukulele. Those angry days are behind him, but push him too far and the young Sunkist will come out.

He owns a pet guinea pig named Ripcurl, and they are inseparable. Ripcurl has his own little surfboard as well, but usually sticks with Sunkist for any waves they catch. Ripcurl could be the source of Sunkist's new mellow outlook on life, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.