Vexer Drexell

Name: Vexer Drexel
Age: 103
Gender: Male
Origin: Planet Faradon
Short: Bio: High Ranking X General of a alien military force, who was betrayed by his king.
Strengths: Knowledge of nature, staff, satellite laser canon., Gatling gun.
Weaknesses: counter camel loge, flowers, the suits brain system, in the helmet.
Personality: Very grumpy, short-tempered, cocky, challenging.  
Race: Patestori

Other information

One day on planet Faradon in a galaxy far away, Vexer Drexel promised his wife and kids, that he would he would return to them once again, after he just accepted a offer to serve in the alien military, and carry on a (search and destroy) mission to kill a enemy of his king. After Vexer had completed his mission, he had returned to the military headquarters, and found that his king had already flown to another galaxy and the planet faradon was scheduled to explode in a very short amount of time.  Vexer Drexell was left with only two decisions: Leave the planet in a escape pod, or go home and die with his family.  He quickly left his planet in an escape pod as he watched his planet explode, because he is afraid of death.  Now Vexer is on a journey to travel from galaxy to galaxy in search of his king for revenge, because he was not strong enough to die with his family.