Vide Lorens

Name: Vide Lorens (Vee-deh)
Race: Post-Human Avian
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Origin: Vide used to be human located in his original timeline working as an engineer maintaining the Wormhole Public Transit system in a “back-woods planet” during the mid- 32nd century. As luck would have it, the wormhole malfunctioned violently, leaving Vide and his fellow staff to solve the issue. No success. The wormhole had to be imploded, destroying the facility in the process, and collapsing space-time around Vide, merging all his possible timelines into one and transporting him to across the galaxy to Earth. Left to his own devices, Vide has learned to live in his current form as a version of himself from a different timeline.

Powers/ Abilities: Knowledge Pool. He has access to all memories that any of his alternate timelines would have, thought this power is not exactly reliable.

Quirks: Occasionally says a random factoid instead of what he means to say due to the crossing of his timeline memories. Stare off into the distance when not talking to someone and only nervously glances at them when he does. Marinated foods distrub and confuse him. Who knows why? I'm pretty sure if space-time collapsed upon you and united your timelines you'd develop a few quirks as well

Personality: Think of a flighty pigeon. He's skittish, wary, and loves a good conversation. He an optimist but not unconditionally so, and is quite upbeat.